What is Cancer MY WAY?

Who Are We?

This isn’t your typical cancer foundation. We will use humor, social media and community support to help you better live with cancer. Once cancer smacks you, your family and friends are all affected. Come and join the herd, let’s have each other’s back.


Is Cancer MY WAY for me?

Do you have cancer? Do you know someone who has cancer? Do you have an irreverent sense of humor? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Cancer MY WAY is for you.

What will Cancer MY WAY do for me?

We understand what it’s like to live with cancer. Your entire outlook on life changes and many things are no longer simple. Our goal is to help make living with cancer a little better. Sometimes a little laugh, a little help and knowing that there are others out there can make you feel a little better.

The MY WAY Blog

Go bald…Be Bold and earn $500 for Cancer MY WAY!

Oh, so much to catch up with.  It’s been a week of many huge ups and downs. It started last Saturday (my birthday).  Thank you so much to all those who have posted pics and who have generously added dollars.  Please keep it going!  I was so on such a high – it was great

Birthday Gift and Birthday Wish…please!!!!

Hello!   Yes, today is my birthday…it’s my birthday.  I’ve always loved birthdays and after living with cancer for the past 5 years – I’ve learned to love them even more.  Why shouldn’t we fully celebrate being born and being alive?  Why can’t we continue to celebrate birthdays like we did when we were a

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho…another procedure we go…

So it’s been about 2 weeks and my heart is not as broken as it was a few weeks ago.  I was hoping I would bounce back quicker but I find that I just can’t rush it.  Each day is a little better, each day where I have a moment of laughter brings me closer

Broken Heart in Exam Room 13

Ugh.  What a day yesterday. Often I hear from people that it seems like I’m always happy and frankly, I am most of the time.  But a huge part of Cancer MY WAY is to empower those who have been smacked by cancer to have strength to live authentically.  For those who have loved ones